About us

In business over 65 years. We must be doing something right!

Livingston Vacuum is a family owned business that has been open since 1955 by the Scoppettuolo family. We have always specialized in vacuum sales and repairs, but as years have progressed we've also become specialists in central vacuum repairs and installations, sewing machine repairs, and carpet cleaning. The original store was opened in Orange, NJ as J&S Vacuum and from there we have expanded to multiple locations. In addition to our main location, Livingston Vacuum, we also have Madison Vacuum. Our success is simple. We are honest, knowledgable, and thorough with our work. We are your Cleaning Headquarters.

Our Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Supplies Include:

  • Vacuum bags
  • Vacuum belts
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Vacuum attachments
  • Vacuum filters

Our Bona Product Cleaning Supplies:

  • Hardwood floor cleaners
  • Stone cleaners
  • Marble cleaners
  • Granite cleaners

Our Miele Cleaning Essentials:

  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Cleaning products for Miele dishwashers
  • Cleaning products for Miele laundry machines

Our Carpet Cleaners:

  • Stain extractors
  • Carpet shampooers